Thursday, March 01, 2007


Corner Man

Desperation is veritably gushing out the doors and windows of the Discovery Institute.

They are actually complaining that, unlike the usual events ID supporters speak at, Bryan Fischer wandered out in front of an audience not carefully screened to insure a healthy majority of people more interested in using taxpayer money to proselytize their religion than upholding the Constitution. Fischer, the Executive Director of something called the Idaho Values Alliance, apparently thought people would be shocked by a statement by PZ Myers to the effect:
The only appropriate response should involve some form of righteous fury, much butt-kicking, and the public firing of some teachers, many school board members, and vast numbers of sleazy, far-right politicians…I say, screw the polite words and careful rhetoric. It’s time for scientists to break out the steel-toed boots and brass knuckles, and get out there and hammer on the lunatics and idiots.
What Fischer may not realize is that the people who belong to the Reality Alliance don't for a second think that, when it comes to evolutionary biology, someone like Fischer, with an undergraduate degree in philosophy from Stanford University, and a graduate degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, has equal "academic freedom" with a professional biologist. Spouting nonsense about biology has no place in any educational setting.

PZ has spoken more than ably for himself concerning that comment (including giving it in full, instead of quote mined). And yes, we should all be angry when "lies and nonsense are being peddled to [our] kids" by self-righteous twits like Fischer and the rest of the Disco contingent.

I haven't always agreed with PZ on public relations tactics but I am not only in his corner on this one, I hereby volunteer to be his cut man ... not that it will involve much work.
Update: PZ has now responded to faintin' Fischer:
I think there is a place for ferocity and partisanship, too. We do not compromise on the science, ever; that is the thin bright line that we do not cross. And we should always make that clear.
Mike Dunford also speaks out:
Insisting that people who are responsible for the proper education of all their students should take that responsibility seriously is not intolerance. Insisting that they respect the fundamental First Amendment rights of their students is not intolerance. Suggesting that those who willfully refuse to do so should be removed from their jobs is certainly not intolerance.

At the bottom of the page for Evolution News and Views (see the "gushing out" link above) we read: "The misreporting of the evolution issue is one key reason for this site."

Remarkably candid of them.
Bob C

I never noticed that before but you're right. It must be a Freudian slip. Oh, wait! ... they hate psychology as much as evolution, don't they?
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