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The really neat, though frustrating, thing about April 1st is that you can never be sure whether you are being put on or not. There's a (supposed) post at the (apparently) real Discovery Institute (purported) blog by the (alleged) Michael Egnor that (seemingly) reads (along with other incredible stuff):

Materialism is nonsense, because if matter and energy are all that exist, then truth doesn't exist (it's neither matter nor energy). If truth doesn't exist, then materialism can't be true.
... um ...

... ah ...

... well ... yeah, but if matter and energy aren't true then we can't exist and there is nobody to hear the silly syllogism fall in the woods ...

... or something.

Please, oh, please let this be a very clever counter April Fool's joke in retort to the parody web page ... because otherwise ...

John, you have to put Jay Richards' post together with Bill ("the
Olivia Newton John of information theory") Dembski's observation that information can be "imparted" via an infinite wavelength/zero-energy channel to get the full magic of their fantasy. See my comment on PT.
So, they're casting about for naturalistic means for the Designer to do non-natural things while, over at Uncommon Descent Lite, Denyse (accent on the "Deny") O'Leary is pointing out that IDeologist "scientists" can't go around doing anything as radical as pointing out that young-Earth creationists are, scientifically speaking, bat sh*t crazy, because the "non-materialists" have to stick together!

These people are channeling Charles Dodgson in a big way.
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