Thursday, September 06, 2007


Well, He Went to the Right Place

One of the downsides of the Information Age is that we all can be directly bombarded with "press releases" without the need to go through the traditional media where such items made themselves useful as bird cage liners and the like.

Take this one for an interview with "Christian Author and Naturalism critic," Greg Koukl, an adjunct professor in Christian apologetics at Biola University:

During the 45-minute interview Koukl claims that science doesn't play by the same rules when instigating topics like Intelligent Design: "…When people say Intelligent Design is not scientific what's going on is a trumping of the facts with Materialistic philosophy… They aren't even allowed to play because they don't play according to the philosophical rules… and in this case, what you have is a serious problem of aggressive bias that has entered into the process and does not allow the scientist to pursue the evidence where it leads."
Of course, that gobbledygook is merely cover for "they won't let us call our religious claims science without challenging us," as well as an attempt to muddy the difference between science and "philosophical naturalism" or materialism. Rather honest for this sort of blather is the part where he says that people who want to wrap their theology in science's robes "aren't even allowed to play because they don't play according to the philosophical rules." That's right! People also loudly protest every time one player or a team breaks the rules in any sport. If you don't like the rules, go create your own game with different rules. You could name it something like "creation science" or "scientific creationism" or ... I know! ... "Intelligent Design" and pretend it's almost as good as the real game played by the major leaguers. Just don't expect us to let you play in our stadiums while our games are going on and make out that you have any part in our enterprise. It's natural to have "aggressive bias" against such dishonesty.

But what I like about this story is where Mr. Koukl had to go for this interview:

Skeptiko is the first scientifically oriented Podcast exploring new research in controversial areas of science such as telepathy, psi, parapsychology, near-death-experience, reincarnation, and after-life encounters. Each episode features open, honest debate on new scientific discoveries. The show includes interviews with top research scientists and their critics.
Perfect choice!

I sought out Mr. Koukl for the interview... and have interviewed many Skeptics... amazing how the two groups can sometimes sound a lot alike.

Alex Tsakiris
amazing how the two groups can sometimes sound a lot alike.

Now, that's confusing. You don't consider Koukl a skeptic?

The fact that you have difficulty distinguishing science from faith, even though you know there is a difference, is, I suspect, a hallmark of your show.
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