Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Faithfully Funny

Okay, what's not to like about this:

I apologize for the somewhat lengthy title for this new movement ("Group Of Intellectuals Negating Godless Atomism + Generic Atheism"), and for the fact that it fails to produce an acronym. (Really, it doesn't, don't try). ...
Explaining the nature of this new movement:

All around the world, children are being indoctrinated with a godless philosophy in what should be science classrooms. Instead of learning true chemistry that agrees with sacred Scripture, children are being taught atomism. This has become possible because very few parents and concerned citizens today are aware that atomism is in fact not a true science, but a philosophy with its roots in the teachings of Greek philosopher Democritus. His teachings gave rise to Epicureanism, which shows they are fundamentally antithetical to religion, piety, and ethical behavior.
In order to save the children:

What we propose be taught alongside atomism is a superior and truly scientific theory called "intelligent molecularism". ...

We also advocate the addition of stickers to chemistry textbooks used in public school classrooms. These disclaimers will read:

"Atomic theory is only a theory. No one has ever seen an atom, nor the forces that are supposed to hold them together. This theory should be critically evaluated, and alternatives seriously considered".
Best of all, it comes from Dr. James F. McGrath, assistant professor of religion at Butler University and his blog, Exploring Our Matrix.

Then the good doctor has another new organization: Linguistics Undermines Scriptural Truth (also known as Scriptural Linguistics Upholds Truth) with the aim of proving that just as chemistry and biology make no sense without God, the same holds true for linguistics.

I'm glad you found the posts amusing. I hope that you did in fact realize that they were intentionally so - I hoped that if nothing else the acronyms would make clear that this is satire. Nevertheless, the fact that my attempts at parody are mirrored by creationist organizations that view themselves completely seriously is somewhat disturbing.

My years at talk.origins and editing the QMP have rather honed my sense of parody vs. lunacy ... yours being the former and Common Sense Science most definitely the latter.

The video you link to is a blatant rip-off of Intelligent Grappling, however!
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