Friday, November 02, 2007


Accidental Truth

Life Site News was founded as a media arm of Campaign Life Coalition, a Canadian national pro-life organization headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It states its goal is to "emphasize the social worth of traditional Judeo-Christian principles [while being] respectful of all authentic religions and cultures that esteem life, family and universal norms of morality." I wonder who decides which religions are "inauthentic"?

Anyway, they are kind enough to present us with another data point on how the Intelligent Design Movement's supporters view ID. In discussing the recent Council of Europe resolution against creationism, the nice folks at Life Site News said this.

The statement has raised eyebrows of many in the scientific community who reject strict 'dogmatic' adherence to Darwinian evolution, and find scientific basis for belief in creation or in 'intelligent design' of the universe.
Seems to me that is not an exclusive "or" but an inclusive one. But just in case you had any doubts, there was my favorite statement about ID from a supporter in a long time:

The CoE resolution paints those who question evolution theory and find scientific evidence for intelligent design of the universe as if they rejected science altogether.
I agree! The Discovery Institute and the rest of the IDeologists only reject those parts of science that contradict their religious beliefs!

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