Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Creative Comedy

A [cough] thought:

Ben Stein has a movie coming out that I have screened at my house, it's called Expelled, and it is about people, scientists who are being fired and shunned for their belief in intelligent design. These are Darwinists. Just for questioning Darwinism and just for being open to the possibility of intelligent design. These people fear God. These scientists, they fear God because God has the answers, God's smarter than they are. God's judgmental. That's one of the things that liberals and atheists hate about religion anyway is that it's judgmental. But regardless, I think you'll find some scientists, physicists particularly. I can't remember his name, there was one old coot who is close to death, and this goes back a year or two ago, but he'd been a lifelong opponent of the whole notion that anything here was created, that it was just random and miraculous but there was nothing intelligent behind any of this, and he's finally concluded, near his death bed that an accident can't explain this. He wouldn't go so far as to say that there's a God. In fact, one of these guys in Ben Stein's movie, guy named Hawkins who's over at Oxford I think, Oxford or Cambridge, Ben Stein goes over and interviews him in this movie, Expelled. The movie hits April 12th or the 16th. And he said, "Can you explain the origins of life with Darwinism?" "No, we can't. Well, actually we can, but we don't."

Stein then asks him, "Where did all this come from? The guy actually says, "Perhaps an intelligent race from outer space landed on our planet gazillions of years ago and got all this rolling. But there's no way," says Hawkins, "it could be God, there's just no way. But it might be some people from outer space." And this guy is an elitist theorist and professor at Oxford and Cambridge. It's a fascinating movie. Eighty-two percent of the people in this country believe in God. Forty-one percent are Darwinists. Darwinists are more than just believing in evolution. Darwinists are now a very closed society, they do not allow anybody to disagree with what they think. They shun and fire anybody in their midst that is open so anything other than Darwinism. Darwinism is natural selection, survival of the fittest, actually eugenics. Darwinism seeks to get rid of people who are not up to par. Darwinists are not big tent people. They are not big tent people.

- Rush Limbaugh, radio personality, April 8, 2008

Limbaugh said that?

Until I got to the end, I thought it was an e-mail from a functional illiterate.

"... guy named Hawkins who's over at Oxford..."

Maybe this sheds light on the failure to identify PZ's guest, even after seeing his ID, though; maybe Limbaugh isn't the only one with "No Intelligence".
I think Ruse ... opps ... Rush does at least some of this for effect, like mistating Dawkins' name. Some of it is pandering to the worst instincts of his target audience. And some of it is genuine stupidity and/or intellectual laziness born of years of not having to think in order to make big bucks.

I might try to figure out which is which ... if I had the least interest in the answer.
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