Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Here Kitty, Kitty!

The Intelligent Designers don't seem to be making much of an effort to pretend that ID is anything but religion any more. I suppose that officially marks the change in terminology from "Intelligent Design" to "Strengths and Weaknesses" as the next incarnation of creationism.

Case in point is Wild Bill Dembski's self-assessment of his new book, Understanding Intelligent Design: Everything You Need to Know in Plain Language:

The book is geared at Christian young people (junior high and high schoolers) as well as for Church groups (e.g., Sunday Schools) to help get out the word about ID — specifically WHAT IS IT? WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? and WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT?

I was particularly concerned in writing the book to inoculate young people not only against the atheistic poison of Dawkins and Co. but also against the theological and scientific confusions of theistic evolutionists (like Ken Miller and Francis Collins). If this book does its job, both these camps will lose much of their traction with young people. (All caps in Bill's hyperactive original)
Now, if they had just been up front about the whole thing being geared for Christian young people and Church groups in the first place, inoculating them against atheism and rival theologies and all that, we could have spared ourselves almost two decades of this cat and mouse game.

Via Exploring Our Matrix.

Ooh, damned ugly cat. Never did like hairless breeds.
Yeah. Maybe there are cases where we shouldn't tinker with nature.

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