Saturday, September 06, 2008


Bringin' On the End Times

Here is food for thought:

Rev. Tim McGraw, [Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah] Palin's pastor when she became mayor of Wasilla, said believers look to Israel for signs of the coming end times and where they are in God's plan. That would undoubtedly influence Palin's approach to foreign policy, McGraw said.

"I believe Sarah would not live in a fragmented world," he said. "The idea that Sarah would take this huge influence of the worldview that really only the Bible and the relationship with Jesus opens up ... and suddenly marginalize it and put it over on the shelf somewhere and live apart from it—that would be entirely inconsistent."
In other words, folks, Palin believes that the end of the world is a good thing and that world events, including American foreign policy, are part and parcel of bringing that end about.

Won't it be a comforting thought if her finger is only one myocardial infarction away from America's nuclear trigger?

It's pretty interesting that the religious beliefs of the Democrat candidates have been intensely scrutinized for months, but Palin's are off-limits from the get-go, as far as the mainstream media goes. Well, they have to be, of course. The Republicans can't let the American public know that their VP candidate is a right-wing wacko.
End-times theology deserves a lot more coverage. Especially its implications for foreign policy. These whackaloons want war in the middle East.
Why does Tom Lehrer's "Who's Next" run through my mind every time I think about this?

Seriously, to think about this scares the crap out of me. One of the scenarios that I haven't seen mentioned (yet) is what if McCain does have that MI, she takes over and some other country's whackaloon decides to see how far she can be pushed? What if Ahmadinejad or Putin or even Chavez decides they can flex their muscles a bit if she took over?
This makes me think back to former Secretary of the Interior James Watt. He was of the opinion that the End Times were near, so there was no point in conservation. And he was only a departmental secretary.
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