Thursday, March 12, 2009


Heavens Above

Ooh! This looks like fun:

UFOs and aliens may not neatly match the Hollywood depiction of advanced races from far off planets reaching us through worm holes or inter-dimensional portals. Daily sightings of anomalous airborn crafts worldwide and accounts of alien abduction might find an explanation in something as handy as your Bible.

The aliens may indeed be fallen angels.

The very first Christian symposium on aliens will address this idea July 3-5, organized by Guy Malone, author and co-founder of Alien Resistence - an organization that studies Biblical ideas on the UFO and alien abduction phenomena.

Certainly, breathtaking irony begins even before the symposium:

Malone's "In a Nutshell" web page at walks readers through a quick explanation - citting (sic) Biblical chapter and verse.

Looking at the site, I'd have to say the author displayed real prophetic talent.

Hi, John. You're spelling resistance wrong. Resist that impulse!

Bob Carroll
Not I! It's the biblical/UFOlogists/literalists who don't believe in dictionaries (though apparently in anything and everything else)!
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