Saturday, April 04, 2009


Give That Man a Star

Brian Warren is a self-described "government employee" in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has some pithy things to say about ID in a Letter to the Editor that are worth repeating:

ID's only research agenda is to attempt to undermine the teaching of evolutionary theory by distorting both the quantity and substance of the evidence that it explains; it doesn't generate new avenues of research, and in the end the answer to any question is: "We don't know, so stop trying to find out and insert God here."

In philosophical terms, ID is an idea that has infinite explanatory power but zero information content.

Nicely put.

The one thing that troubles me is that this appears to prove one of ID's claims true in its own particular case. For it seems that, no matter how much Intelligent Design evolves, it never produces any new information... :)
What's more, if you read Paley's prose and appreciate how much he, though not a scientist, knew about the cutting-edge science of his own day, and then compare it to, say, what Casey Luskin writes and what he knows, you can see that ID information only degrades.
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