Thursday, July 02, 2009


Truth In Advertising

Those of us with a respect for the language have difficulty writing "Creation Museum" without a plethora of scare quotes, (sic)s, parenthetical asides and the like.

Whatever else Ken Ham's theme park for the proudly ignorant might be, it is not a "museum" of creation.

At most, it is a slickly-produced compendium of the factual errors held by an all-too-sizable portion of the American public.

Therefore, I can announce with real pleasure that Professor Lisa E. Park of the University of Akron has relieved us of the burden of this conundrum by coming up with a moniker for Kentucky's shame that is not an affront to the English language and fully worthy of its subject:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Ken Ham's


I see a chance for us all to exercise our creativity and try and come up with a better name for this Monument to Mencken's Maxim.

How about "Ham's House of Creationist Howlers"
"House of Pancake Arguments"
They could use a sign: This way to the egress.

Bob Carroll
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