Friday, December 28, 2007


Pie Is Pie

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For your own form, go here.

Via "Laugh Lines" at the New York Times.

I’m keeping that form, but I may need to revise with some fine print boilerplate. Maybe something like:

The foregoing Official Notice Formal Apology (hereinafter, the “ONFA”) is not intended as and shall not be used, proferred, tendered, described, treated nor held out as being an admission or representation of guilt or culpability of any kind or nature, whatsoever. All references herein to any impact of the referenced actions or statements on or to the recipient of the ONFA (hereinafter, the “Recipient”) shall be deemed solely to be references to Recipient’s personal, subjective and perceived state of mind and shall not be deemed to imply or infer that a reasonable person, similarly situated to the Recipient would have a reaction(s) similar to the reaction allegedly suffered by the Recipient. The foregoing ONFA is void unless signed by the person or authorized representative of the person offering such ONFA. Any ONFA not accepted, in writing, within ten (10) days of the date the Recipient receives actual or constructive notice of the ONFA, shall be and be deemed revoked for all purposes. Any gratuitous ONFA, unsupported by real or stated consideration, shall be subject to revocation. Some ONFAs may be void in NYC, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit or Philadelphia. ONFAs which fail to incorporate the required phrase “well, bless your heart” in 14 point bold face font may be invalid in Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia and parts of Mississippi. Other requirments may apply. Check state and local laws and regulations for enforceability.
You forgot the papercut disclaimer.
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