Sunday, June 14, 2009


Rally 'Round the Flag!

Demonic forces intent on destroying the American way of life are attacking!

We are being invaded! ... overrun! ... assaulted on our own shores! ... by a foreign power trying to force its alien values upon us!

Worse, they are being led by a shadowy figure who sends his minions orders over the internet our own former vice president invented.

We must rise up and repel the invaders!

Our cunning plan proceeds apace! First we took over Hollywood! Now, we'll make you all fat! (No wait, you lot already did that part for yourselves, didn't you?)
It's not making us fat that I'm afraid of (as you point out, it's too late). It's making us all polite I couldn't take!
The word 'ubiquitous' was no doubt coined to describe Tim Horton's. Seriously, I know of shops within five minutes walking distance of each other. They're everywhere up here.
Damn you, John. Now everyone knows the secret plan for world domination.
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