Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Fruit Loops

This doesn't need much comment ... except, maybe, can we get Marsha West a date with Ray Comfort? They ... and the bananas ... would be perfect together:

I don't hold a biology degree and I'm no expert in any area of science, and I know very little about philosophy, but one thing I do know is that the brain is very complex. It doesn't take a Ph.D to understand that the brain controls every single bodily function. Which begs the question: Before the brain developed how could any creature draw a breath? Without a fully developed brain, what controlled body temperature...blood pressure...digestion? How did creatures chew their food/swallow...excrete waste...recognize danger? Did the memory evolve? Homo sapiens somehow came to realize that they couldn't see. So they set about evolving something to see with. And lo, 1 billion years later the eye came into being. So here's my next question: Did primitive humans have to stay in the swamp to avoid bumping into trees or stepping off a cliff, or did they feel their way around?

One last question: Wouldn't organs have to evolve at precisely the same time for the body to be able to function? I mean, think about it. If all our vital organs fail to operate in harmony, our bodies shut down and die! Yet we're supposed to believe that Homo sapiens managed to evolve into modern man sporting all our pretty amazing bells and whistles!

Dear Marsha: As you have demonstrated, people who haven't evolved brains yet are perfectly capable of living almost-normal lives, and getting gigs writing for wingnut sites like RenewAmerica.
Well, at least she takes a decent first stab at outlining the basis of her views: entire ignorance of biology. Sad thing about the general state of education (and I doubt Canada's any better here) is that there are so many examples of actual brainless animals that do manage just fine and have for hundreds of millions of years. People have even heard of some of them, like jellyfish.
...I'm no expert in any area...

"I'm woefully ignorant about that which I am about to speak of, but that doesn't stop me from spouting horsecrap."

Yes, Marsha, how did amoeba-like creatures chew their food without a brain? The problem with the ignorati is that they cannot imagine that other people have wondered about such things, and then set about to learn about them.
... and then set about to learn about them.

But that's so much trouble.
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