Sunday, July 09, 2006


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The Freudian slips of the ID crowd are showing again. After swearing up and down that ID has nothing to do with religion, they just can't seem to help letting the cat out of the bag nearly as often as they take the "no religion" vow.

Past examples include William Dembski, Phyllis Schlafly and David Klinghoffer here. Sen. Rick Santorum stubs his toe here; Kansas State Senator Kay O’Connor does the same here and Kansas Board of Education Chairman Steve Abrams makes it a political threesome here.

The latest to inadvertently blurt out the truth, but hardly the most surprising given his general cluelessness, is Dave Scot. In case you don't know, Dave is in charge of making a laughing stock out of William Dembski's old blog, Uncommon Descent, and has done a bang-up job in that regard at least.

As first noted by Ed Brayton over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Dave, with a seemingly bottomless supply of inanity, has taken to spreading it around. The following comes from a particularly dense effort at Larry Fafarman's blog to blame the plaintiffs in the Dover case for the $1 million in costs resulting from the school board's ID policy. That Dave is encouraging the supposedly God-fearin' folks of Dover to start heating up some tar and emptying feather pillows should not distract from Dave's admission. Dave's religion my be execrable but it is still religion. Anyway here is Dave forgetting the party line that ID is divorced from religion:

The bottom line remains that 11 snotty parents hated religion so much they thought it was worth taking a million dollars from the school district so their children didn't have to be burdened with either hearing that 60 second blurb or excusing themselves from it.
Now maybe Dave can inform us why, given the Establishment clause of the Constitution, the school board was using taxpayer money to put a 60 second blurb for religion in their public schools.
The bottom line remains that 11 snotty parents hated religion so much....

Right. So that wouild explain why IIRC, several of them were self-identified Christians, and one of them even ran a Vacation Bible School.
Dave Scot has never been one to let facts stand in the way of a stupid argument.
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