Sunday, September 18, 2005


Flipping Us the Bird

There is a vastly amusing display by an anti-evolution advocate going on in the blogosphere right now. One Timothy Birdnow has begun a blog specifically to respond to criticism by Paul Myers of an article Mr. Birdnow wrote for something called The American Thinker. The article is titled "The case against Darwin" and contains the usual creationist canards about science and scientists (along with some truly amazing misconceptions that may be original to Mr. Birdnow) even though Mr. Birdnow claims he isn’t a creationist and claims he doesn’t care if "Darwinism" turns out to be true.

Dr. Myers is an associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, Morris, and a longtime habitué of Mr. Birdnow particularly objects to the "peevish" and "insulting" tone of Paul’s original reply. Of course, it never occurs to Mr. Birdnow that someone who has spent almost all of his adult life dedicated to the science of developmental biology and the education of others in the field might be a tad miffed to be told his discipline is simultaneously responsible for "the horrors of Naziism", Stalin starving millions to death, Social Darwinism, "free love", and "twist[ing] the fabric of Western Society". Worse yet, according to Mr. Birdnow, Dr. Myer’s life’s work is "on the ropes", propped up only by fakery.

Frankly, I think Paul demonstrated remarkable restraint.

Hilariously, Birdnow actually accuses Paul of "trying to blind us with science".

You can see Dr. Myers’ original response to the article at his Blog "Pharyngula". Birdnow’s new Blog is called "Darwin`s Inquisition" (apparently cluelessness is a religion and attempts to eradicate it is persecution). Paul’s amused response can be seen at "Dance, Birdnow, dance!"

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