Saturday, October 29, 2005


Behe Comes Down With Elephantiasis

William Saletan is at it again, with a hilarious article in Slate. In it he discusses the eerie similarity between Michael Behe’s testimony in the Dover School Board case and a certain classic comedy sketch.

Helpfully saving Behe the trouble of summing up his testimony, Saletan imagines him putting it this way:

So, this is my theory, which belongs to me, and goes as follows. All intelligently designed things are brought about by an intelligent designer through a process of intelligently conducted design.
Now if only Behe could learn to be so succinct.

Michael Behe gave me the confidence to apply for a job at Lehigh University. I strongly encourage you to do the same ;-)
I, for one, am pulling for you, if, for no other reason, on the grounds that chutzpah should be rewarded.

In defense of Lehigh, however, I believe Behe had his tenure before he decided to reveal his intellectual and/or moral shortcomings.

In any event, the members of academia that post to, including those most disparaging of Behe and his ilk, are unanimous in defending his academic freedom to promote ID. While I have my doubts about how absolute that protection should be, I will defer to their judgment on matters collegiate.

Behe's colleagues at Lehigh feel the same, BTW.
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