Saturday, December 10, 2005


The Drums . . . the Drums!

The natives remain restless in Kansas.

Specifically, State legislators are still threatening hearings, and worse, in the wake of the flap over Kansas University’s proposed course, "Special Topics in Religion: Intelligent Design, Creationisms and other Religious Mythologies" and the subsequent discovery of e-mails by Paul Mirecki, the professor who proposed the course and was to be the principle instructor, that were disparaging of fundamentalists and others. The excuse for these hearings would nominally be to investigate anti-religious bias at the University. It would take more naiveté than most people could muster to believe that, however.

State Representative Brenda Landwehr, a Wichita Republican who is vice chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee, said this:

Regardless of whether they do the course or don't do the course [I think] Chancellor Hemenway, as well as the professor, should appear before the Appropriations Committee, explain what their side of the issue is, what they intended to get out of the course, how they planned on teaching the course, and why they think that that's a good representation for the university.

What is more, Rep. Landwehr also says that she wants to know whether professors are exhibiting any intolerance, whether it’s religious, political or any other kind.

She pointedly goes on to say that withholding funding to KU is still an option.

In other words, if a collection of politicians, each pandering to their constituents, doesn’t like the content of any course that the University presents, be it political science, history, economics, or what have you, they have no compunction about demanding a change in what is taught on penalty of destroying the University.

Just to drive home her real agenda in all this, Landwehr went on to question whether Mirecki should be allowed to teach religious studies courses because: "It’s hard to teach religion if you don’t believe in it." Lord knows what she will do when she finds out that few if any English lit. professors think there was a prince of Denmark who really said "To be or not to be . . . " And finding a Zeus-adherent to teach classical Greek history could be a tad of a problem.

Of course, Landwehr may be just displaying monumental ignorance of what education is about (which is frightening enough for the future of children in Kansas) but, more likely, the comment was the result of an unguarded moment revealing her basic assumption that the University should not be educating students about religion but advocating that they accept religion, particularly the locally dominant one.

It is easy to teach about things that may not be true; it’s hard to proselytize if you are not a true believer. We now know which Brenda Landwehr thinks her state's universities should be doing.


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