Wednesday, December 21, 2005


ID Evolves

Interesting quote concerning the Dover decision:

David Clounch, of the US-based Intelligent Design Network, said ID had not been disproved and, therefore, it was a theory that should be taught to schoolchildren.
"Are these people saying science has concluded there is no design? I think it's completely unscientific to draw that conclusion," he said. "The plaintiffs want to tell everybody's kids if you believe there is design in the world, that's irrational and science doesn't say that. But science doesn't say anything about that.
"Which scientist decided there isn't any design and, if there aren't any, why is this debate happening? There's really something else going on - it's called anti-religious [feeling]."
So, basically, anything that is not "disproved" by science is, therefore, not "irrational" and should be taught as equal to science, presumably in science classes.

And if you don't agree you are an anti-religious bigot.*

Oh, wait a second . . . that would make ID . . .

I guess the pretense that ID is science is over, at least in some quarters.

* poster Bobby Bryant has already predicted a "global flood of self-pitying appeal to a persecution meme". The first trickle . . .


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