Tuesday, January 31, 2006


How To Be A Non-Expert

Steve Fuller, erstwhile expert witness for the defendants in the Dover trial, has a profile in the January 31, 2006 Guardian. I certainly wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of the pleasure of surprise in reading about Professor Steve on their own. But this might just be enough incentive to send you there:

Fuller's research field is social epistemology . . . [which] looks at how knowledge is justified and legitimised in society. According to Fuller, what does and does not count as science is the result of a power struggle between the evolutionists, who control the scientific establishment, and a marginalised ID community with a large religious following.

Of Judge Jones, Fuller says:

The judge in the Dover case went back to the old standard of what the experts say.
A category that obviously eludes Fuller.

The best comment on this comes from John Wilkins:

Sociology of knowledge is the view that all epistemic systems are relative and equivalent, except sociology of knowledge...

Michael Bérubé* has blogged quite a bit about Fuller, including exchanges with Fuller himself. The tail end is here.

*Had to cut'n'paste to get the diacriticals. I should learn how to do those some time.
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