Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Its Own Reward

New Mexicans for Science and Reason has announced its ... uh ... uncoveted Last Nail in The Coffin of ID Award (seen right):

May I have the envelope, please.

And the Nailie goes to ...

William Dembski

... who absolutely destroyed any remaining credibility Intelligent Design may have had, when he responded to Judge John E. Jones' powerful ruling of December 2005, not by defending ID in science journals, nor in courts of law, but by parodying the judge's decision with an Internet video that featured animated farting sounds. The Awards Committee had the most trouble with this award, as several members wanted to name it the "Not So Noble Gas" Award. However, all members were agreed that Dembski edged out [Jonathan] Wells and [Ann] Coulter, and did the most damage to ID this year.
An early leader for the 2007 But I Swear It Is All About the Science Award is John Calvert, Managing Director of the Intelligent Design Network, a major force behind the 2005 Kansas educational unstandards, who issued a press release claiming:

Many Kansans are concerned that proposed changes to Kansas Science Standards will cause Kansas Public Education to indoctrinate young children in Materialism, the philosophy that dominates Russian culture. ...

Kansans are concerned because Materialism is the origins story that is the foundation for a variety of non-theistic religions and religious beliefs. Atheism and Humanism depend on a purposeless self-existing universe with life being the product of unguided evolutionary change.
Foreign philosophy (why do I suspect Calvert misses the Soviet Union?) and ... gasp! ... Humanism! ... The Horror!

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