Monday, April 30, 2007


Where Are The Fully-Intelligent Creationists?

It is nice when idiots let you know right up front what they are. It prevents precious time being wasted reading drivel. Our premier recent example is one Babu G. Ranganathan, who claims "academic concentrations in Bible and Biology." Of course, this supposedly resulted from his time at Bob Jones University, where all the concentration in the world is still not going to make you familiar with biology. That latter fact is neatly demonstrated by the following Babuism from the very beginning of his article "Where Are The Half-Evolved Chipmunks?":

Millions of people are taught that the fossil record furnishes proof of evolution. But, where are there fossils of half-evolved chipmunks, dinosaurs and other creatures?

The fossil record contains fossils of only complete and fully-formed species. There are no fossils of partially-evolved species to indicate that a gradual process of evolution ever occurred.

Amazingly, this kind of incredibly crippled thinking is not an aberration limited to Ranganathan. It is so common that it has its own entry in Mark Isaak's "Index to Creationist Claims," number CB925, at the Talk Origins Archive. As Mark points out:

Evolution does not predict incomplete creatures. In fact if we ever saw such a thing it would pretty much disprove evolution. In order to survive, all creatures must be sufficiently adapted to their environment; thus, they must be complete in some sense.

But no one -- especially when allegedly college-educated -- should have to be told this ... if they hadn't already been industriously erasing their own ability to think.


I can't decide if the above comment is by a crank or a loon. It's hard to tell now-a-days.
what happened to that long post by Professor Howdy
"Professor Howdy" spams my email enough already. He/she/it is only gonna have something on my blog as long as it takes me to notice it.

As to the other, to paraphrase C.S. Lewis: crank, loon or liar?
I always liked the "There is no such thing as a motion picture" analogy to counter this argument. Just like fossils, each frame is a fully formed still shot and you never see one move. The motions (or evolution) is only seen when looking at a series of stills.
If fossils are only found fully formed, functional, and adapted, as you say, where did the first male and female fully formed, functional, and adapted animals come from if indeed evolution is not gradual process?
If fossils are only found fully formed, functional, and adapted, as you say, where did the first male and female fully formed, functional, and adapted animals come from if indeed evolution is not gradual process?

Who said it wasn't a gradual process? It just doesn't proceed by ... well ... creating something out of nothing. Wings evolved from wing-like arms that served the function of arms with some wing-like function (short gliding, perhaps) and the wing-like arms evolved from arms with feathers that served, perhaps, for heat regulation, and so forth.

The origin of sex is an interesting but unsolved (so far) question but some single-celled eucaryotes have sexes and more primitive bacteria have something like sex (horizontal gene transfer). Most likely, the earliest multicellular creatures, evolving from single-celled eucaryotes already had sexes.
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