Friday, May 04, 2007


The Secretariat of Religion

David Kuo, the former number two man in President Bush's faith-based initiatives program who blew the whistle on the White House's behind-the-scenes contempt for the Righteous Right, has an article giving the pole-to-pole call of the horserace that just took place at Ronald Reagan's tomb.

According to Kuo, as far as the Religious Right was concerned, the big winner, far outdistancing the rest of the pack, was … wait for it …
Gov. Mitt Romney
And the big loser was Rudy Giuliani, coming in dead last with God's own voters.

It might also be pointed out that Kuo's single mention of McCain as finishing "safely in the middle of the pack" is, for someone who was once the prohibitive favorite, all but the kiss of death.

How big was Romney's win of the theocratic set? By Kuo's reckoning:
Think Secretariat at Belmont in 1972.
And just remember that primaries tend to be controlled by avid "issue voters" with the organization to get like-minded people out to the polls to vote while the rest of us tend to dismiss a primary as somehow less important than the general election.

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