Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Planting the Seed of Faith

You occasionally hear atheists and other skeptics ask, if God exists and wants us to know of Him, why doesn't He write out messages in the stars or have little name plates on our cells or some such.

Well ...

Felicia Teske of Boothwyn [Pennsylvania] says she was preparing fried eggplant for dinner Sunday evening and noticed that the seeds in one slice seemed to spell out the word "GOD".

Felicia says she bought the eggplant at a roadside produce stand a while back, and also says the discovery has really given her food for thought. Felicia told Action News that she recently had family members pass away and it is comforting that "GOD" appeared.
May I be the first to say "Our Father ... "

Just to come back to Earth a bit:

The Teskes are now considering selling the eggplant on ebay.
American religion at its best!

The G looks more like a stylized C, the D's not very good, and what's that over the O?
Hey! You try writing in seeds inside an eggplant while it's still growing! Besides, God obviously never had the nun I did in third grade teaching penmanship! (Wickedest left hook with a ruler you'll ever see!)

But I think the thing above the "o" is an another interspaced "o," so it alternately reads "God" and "good" ... for obvious reasons.

What the Hell is a Gid?
On further reflection, I think the last letter is a "P," with a curled up downstroke ... GIP.

Oh my ... Ronald Reagan really was God!
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