Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Dishonesty Institute

This revelation from ERV is all that you need to know about the Discovery Institute in particular and Intelligent Design Creationists in general.

Plagiarism for gain is no different than any burglary or pickpocketing. Plagiarism where you take multiple steps to hide the fact that you have stolen the work of others is thievery with malice aforethought.

For these people to bemoan the supposed demise of morality due to the "materialism" of science is a cruel joke on the people who fall for their lies. These people literally wouldn't recognize morality if it introduced itself with a two by four right between their eyes.

Via Pharyngula. Spread the word.

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Thanks for spreading the word!

hehehehehehe 'Surrealistic Lilliputian Realm.'

Jesus Christ.

Glad to. Such marvelous work skewering pompous twits and dishonest asses should get as much play as possible.
Say, thanks for the link, John. I owe you one, I guess.

I'll have to wait until it is God's will for me to do so, though.
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