Friday, November 16, 2007


Swine Flu

Michael Behe thinks that real working scientists, like Ian Musgrave, who, unlike Behe, happen not to be laughing stocks at their own universities, are barely deserving of his notice but he can't abide the thought of admitting that SA Smith at ERV had caught him in a simple (okay, simple to a real scientist) error of fact:

While Behe will lower himself to responding to a worthless foot-soldier scientist like Ian... at least Ian already has his PhD and is a man. Admitting a female who wasn't even a graduate student at the time of the essay, bested him, well, that's obviously another reality Behe is unwilling to accept.

Behe is also unwilling to admit that maybe, just *maybe*, he doesnt know jack shit about HIV-1 and how it evolves in patients and populations.
It's one thing to be a dishonest creationist out to hide God under every molecule but quite another to be an arrogant chauvinist with delusions of competence.

Via Exploring the Matrix.

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