Thursday, February 21, 2008


Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch ...

Well, people are catching on ...

Back when the notion of appending the word "theory" to "evolution" in the Florida science standards was first proposed, coming from a group of state legislators in early February, I labeled it as a "throw me in the briar patch" solution for the Board of Education. Then, with the able assist of the Florida Department of Education, which suggested calling it the "Scientific Theory of Evolution," along with the "Scientific Theory of" Electromagnetism, Atoms, Cells, et al., to go with the extensive explanation the proposed standards give of what a "scientific theory" is and how it differs from how most people use the word "theory," I suggested that this could be even worse for the creationists than if the original proposal had been implimented.

Now Brandon Keim has noticed too, in a post at Wired's science blog, entitled "Evolution Wins as Creationists (Accidentally) Switch Sides in Florida."

And, sweetest of all, there are squeals emanating from the Puget Peccary.

Okay, enough horn tooting, even if it is my own.

Via Pharyngula.

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I'm thoroughly enjoying the Creationists/IDiots Pyhrric Victory. LOL!

Sorry about the delete - I really must proofread before posting :(
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