Saturday, March 29, 2008



Funniest quote of the week comes from Ben Stein:

We're sick of being pushed around by the intelligentsia, even though I am one of the intelligentsia ...
I suppose some people might think that hosting game shows, writing books like Yes, You Can Supercharge Your Portfolio!: Six Steps for Investing Success in the 21st Century and speechwriting for politicians of dubious character makes someone part of the intelligentsia. But, if so, most people whose intellect I admire would doubtless decline membership in the club.

You can hear him utter the ironic words at skepchick, taken from yet another demonstration of why Julia Sweeney called Stein "spectacularly ill-informed and narcissistic and weirdly devoted to his schtick and worst of all, hacky." More reality-based accounts of the occasion can be found at PZ's place; Evolved and rational; Life without faith; Panda's Thumb; and Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

By chance I came to be reading Money magazine on a friend's john, and I came across an interview in which an interviewer mentioned that Stein owns EIGHT HOUSES. He said he likes to collect them.

But, clearly, this man is an persecuted underdog, no?
Yeah, it's those nasty "elites" in academia making $40,000-$60,000 a year -- maybe $90,000-$100,000 as a full professor at a top school -- that are the problem.
So who claimed Stein has no talent for humor? He's almost as funny as Pastor Ray Mummert.
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