Friday, April 25, 2008



Okay, so I'm not so much posting this for your benefit but my own, as a handy place to park these links where I can find them again. But you few hardy souls reading this might want to peruse the articles anyway and maybe tuck them away where you can retrieve them for later use.

They are responses to the claims of persecution by those would-be-martyrs supposedly Expelled. There is "The Expelled Case of Caroline Crocker" by Carrie Sager and Andrea Bottaro; "Was Guillermo Gonzalez “Expelled”?" by Lauri Lebo and "The Richard Sternberg Affair" by Ed Brayton.

As an added bonus, there is my own take on Crocker, "Beneath the Morals of Lawyers," penned once I learned her dirty little secret: she couldn't find a lawyer sleazy enough to take her case against George Mason University.

Now that's low!

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