Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Efficacy of Prayer

The Institute for Creation Research has been seeking approval in Texas to offer an online master's degree in Science Education. It has also been asking for prayers and support in the run-up to its final hearing before state education officials tomorrow, April 24th.

For the past few months, the school experienced several setbacks in getting state approval for its programme, mostly due to a heightened battle between intelligent design and evolution playing out in the state and in Florida where public schools were recently required to teach evolution in science classes.

Today, Raymund Paredes, Texas' higher education commissioner, has recommended that the Higher Education Coordinating Board reject the school's proposal. Paredes said "the proposed degree program inadequately covers key areas of science [and, therefore], it cannot be properly designated either as 'science' or 'science education'." Paredes went on to say:

Religious belief is not science. Science and religious belief are surely reconcilable, but they are not the same thing.

Although the Board is expected to follow Paredes' recomendation, this seems to be a perfect chance for God to showcase his ability to get things done. But:

Henry Morris, chief executive officer of the institute, said the organization probably will appeal the decision.

"It really wasn't a surprise given the current climate of opposition that exists," Morris said. "We anticipated resistance when we applied for it."

Oh, Ye of little faith ...

Update: The full Board has denied the ICR's application.
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