Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Endangered Specious

PZ Myearshertz found a good lawyer (with more stamina than I) who waded deeper into the ICR complaint.

Andrew at Evaluating Christianity is the stalwart soul and between him and a commenter there, Kurt Denke (particularly here and here), they've pretty well demolished the legal basis of this soon-to-be-short-lived suit.

By the way, anyone who wants an OCRed copy of the complaint can now get it at Steven Schafersman's site.

Hurry up! It's going to be a collector's item soon!

Forgive my fixation on form over function, but he says, "With that in mind, the first thing that strikes me about the complaint is the bizarre, blog-like use of bold, italics, underline, large and small caps, different fonts and different font sizes — all in the first two pages. No sensible litigator would file something that looks like this in federal court."
I wouldn't want to overstate it -- I've seen some pretty bad professional paperwork in my time and, of course, Federal judges get plenty of pro se filings that they nonetheless try to treat seriously -- but it's kind of like waiting for your doctor to treat your chest pains and having a guy in a clown suit show up.
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