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Horse Race

This baby is going to provide hours of fun!

That would be the Institute for Creation Research's lawsuit ... that can only be described as possessing all the cogency and forceful logic of the ICR's science.

If you want a serious treatment of the suit, you might want to go to Tony Whitson's curricublog for some links, not least of them Steven Schafersman's, where you can read the complaint in all its overblown rhetorical glory. (If you are particularly nice to me and would like a pdf copy that has been OCRed, I can email you one.)

Not myself being the poor sod who is the law secretary to the Federal judge unlucky enough to be assigned this case (sure to draw even more loonies out of the creationist woodwork than did Dover), I don't have to try to wrap my brain around the intellectual pretzels this complaint has tried to make out of the law. This much I'll say: the thrust so far as I've gotten seems to be that, as long as any private school is not merely a diploma mill, the state has no right to control whatever standard the school chooses to award degrees or what it calls them. For example (p. 18):

ICRGS, which conspicuously affirms its Biblical creationist viewpoint as an institutional distinctive, should not be required to academically "shut its mouth" or "go to the back of the [postsecondary science education] bus" just because it affirms the truth of Genesis 1:1, or because ICRGS corroborates the Biblical account of the Genesis Flood (the historicity of which has been repeatedly corroborated).
And on page 23:

[D]efendants have no constitutional right to hinder ICRGS's academic freedom to offer, educate for, educationally assess, and/or grant master's and doctor's degrees (so long as such is done in good faith, and not as a "diploma mill" "sham") ...
In other words, they can teach religion, call it science and award a science degree, all in the great American tradition of caveat emptor, and there is nothing the state or its education department can do about it. I await with bated breath the masters degrees in astrology and UFOlogy.

But there is much mirth to be had in the meantime. For example, I bet you didn't know that molecular and cellular biology are nothing more serious than the hula hoop or pet rocks:

Legally relevant, to ICRGS's institutional academic freedom, is another theme recurring in Dr. Skoog's criticisms of ICRGS's M.S, curriculum, science fads. The necessarily implied criticism is that ICRGS doesn't try to be "fashionable" by mimicking whatever its evolutionist counterparts are now doing, thematically speaking. For example, Dr. Skoog remarks: "The anatomy of these organisms ["'the jawless, cartilaginous, and bony fishes, amphibians (mudpuppy & frog), reptiles (turtle), birds (pigeon), mammals (fetal pig and rat), humans and other unusual mammals"] has traditionally been emphasized in high school and introductory college biology courses. However, this emphasis has been decreasing dramatically in recent decades as emphasis is placed on molecular and cellular biology." In other words, ICRGS's curriculum is faulted, in Skoog's opinion, if ICRGS continues to scientifically investigate and analyze Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, because "the (evolutionary) Joneses" are not wearing that fashion much nowadays. (p. 19)
And what a shame it is that medicine ever decided to move beyond bleeding it patients.

But this has to be my very favorite legal footnote ever:

21 As a point of clarification, THECB Commissioner Paredes' unquestioned faith in a "Big Bang" of "14 billion years ago" (which he may believe in by faith, but he bas no eye-witness knowledge of such) should not be confused with the "great noise" mentioned in 2nd Peter 3:10. The evolution-only viewpoint discrimination is further illustrated in Commissioner Paredes' opinion (on 4-23-2008) that evolutionary thinking as "foundational" to "modern science". (p. 21)
The ICR has been losing out of late to Answers in Genesis in the "bring the crazy" sweepstakes. It's surged right back into the lead.

Thanks, John.

Could you send your OCR'd file to Steven Schafersman for him to post with his other links? That would be a big help. The email address is at the bottom of the page at

I see that Schafersman took them to task for the excessive underlining and bolds. Are these guys so self-unaware that they don't realize that this stuff is already one strike against them when the court read their complaint?
There actually is an accredited school of astrology (in Phoenix)---see http://www.nytimes.com/2001/08/28/us/first-school-of-astrology-is-accredited.html?n=Top%2FReference%2FTimes%20Topics%2FSubjects%2FA%2FAstrology

However, the astrology school is at least honest about what they teach. It's not a "science" degree, but a certificate in astrology (the accrediting board basically decided on that ground: they teach what they say they teach).
The other anonymous posted what I was going to say, so I'll instead make a comment about their statement that he wasn't an eyewitness: Do they have eyewitness testimony to that? How do they know that nobody was there? I presume that they only "believe" that, for they wouldn't accept any "circumstantial" evidence, right?

Tom S.
Tony, I've send it.

Tom, fiendishly clever, as always.

FP: The judge's law secretary, who is the person who has the initial job of reading everything and on whom the success or failure of a case often rests, spends a lot of time reading bland and conventional legal writing. S/he may find this entertaining (a secret -- opps -- of my legal success has always been to try to write at least something out of the ordinary to perk up the law secretary's day). You can carry this too far, however.
“Sidereal Horoscopes”
Count Gramalkin
Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrologer
San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology
Spiritual Evolution Self Realization Truth Seeker
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Reprogram Attention to Perpetual Meditation and Manifest Miracles in Your Life
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"Astrology Realities Manifesto"
Dearest Truth Seeker Disciples:
Everyone is welcome to have a go at the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Delineation Technique. For example FEEL FREE to CALL your BOOKIE BROKER and BET that MORTGAGE MONEY on anything on the ZERO RELEVANCE LIST such as get yourself a nice Exaltation Degree all lined up in the Second House and take it to the HORSERACE TRACK. When you get tired of being HOMELESS reread the list. Everything in the San Francisco School Technique got there by PROVING itself with the CASH on the LINE. "This is real life school one either gets it or not the proof of the pudding is in the eating either you have the money or they have the money if it doesn't work at the track it doesn't work in your daily life” Mazurek.
When you gather or grasp enough evidence already gathered to pick five consecutive number one horses in a row using straight astrology as I saw Mazurek do get back to me with the daily double. Refer to the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique of Delineation. While you continue thinking for yourself (a good thing and how the SF School technique came to be) armchair theorizing is one thing back it up with the buck and other absolute proof ground of being.
There is some natural curiosity about how The Reverend Professor John Mazurek (1919-2oo3) the San Francisco School and I came to be heirs of the modern day father of astrology Cyril Fagan (1896-1970) legacy linage when Cyril said it was so we took his word for it. Observing astrology including prominent Siderealists wandering lost in misinformation shows us why he did details on Gramalkin.Com. In order to fulfill the mantle mandate that Cyril laid on the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology and therefore I that it is up to us to see to it that the knowledge is not lost again what may be done is done to give the public access to astrological information
The Following Items Have Z E R O Relevant Delineation In Work-A-Day Astrology.
Asteroids; Comets; Deacons; Part of Fortune; Moon Nodes; Geocentric & Heliocentric; Parallels; Paran; Celestial Latitude; Altitude; Right Ascension; Declination; Equator; Horizon; Apogee and Perigee; Ennead/Novile/Harmonics (Sun @3 aspect moon @9 as 3x3=9); How close a planet is to earth; Hierarchical Rulers; Exaltation; Dignity & Fall; Mutual Reception; Detriment; Reckoning Celestial Longitude/Horoscopes in Seasonal/Tropical Moving Zodiac Astrology; Tropical natal 12 house system of delineation & House Rulers; Whole Sign House System; Placidian Houses; Retrograde is bad; Aspects being good or bad by nature; Using first event charts as a natal to predict events; The Triplicities form of the elements - Fire, Earth, Air, Water in order around the Zodiac; The cusps, such as being in the Aries/Taurus cusp or planets loosing power on the cusp; Midpoints Between Planets or between planets and angles; Natal, Progressed or Cyclic Horoscopes done for the place of residence rather than the place of birth; Almost all data about planetary orbs; Dealing with inner-personal relationships the inner-aspects between charts are much more important than having supposedly harmonious and inharmonious signs or consecutive signs or trine ascendants and such. Other items will be added to this list as they come to mind.
Authors Note: It was after Mazurek wrote his pieces on Jesus and the Lunar Mansions that he finally proved the Hierarchical Rulers, Exaltation, Dignity & Fall, Detriment, Mutual Reception; are fallacies and have zero delineation value.
Astrology, one would like to help ones colleagues and the general public understand how astrology and the mystery of life works. One would prefer to refrain from hurting anyone's feelings. Hopefully this information will be received in the manor intended.
The Astrology most often associated Western Civilization is INCORRECT and MISLEADING. The fundamental problem stems from Classical Greek and Moorish Astrologers who translated the Zodiac they inherited from the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians incorrectly. Nothing has been right since. However, in 1949 the modern day father of astrology the great Astrologer and Astronomer Cyril Fagan of Dublin, Ireland, (1896-1970) discovered the mistake. Modern Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrology was born.
About our cosmic sphere: To comprehend astrology one must first understand and agree on WHAT THE ZODIAC IS. Galaxies make up universes; universes make up Cosmic Spheres. Our cosmic sphere is the matter of which our sun is the center. Rather than being like a molecule with particles whirling about every which way all the planets orbit the sun in the same zodiacal ecliptic path of celestial longitude and that path is the zodiac. The Zodiac is the baseline of the three dimensional model of our cosmic sphere.
The PATH the planets are orbiting through around the Sun is the Zodiac ecliptic and the path or orbit itself is not moving. For all practical purposes the path is sitting still and the planets are moving through the zodiac path around the Sun. Astronomy or ANY type of astrology the stars and space are in a fixed position and the planets are orbiting through the stars and space around the Sun. This is physical reality and Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrology. When you look at the night sky what you see is Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrology as Sidereal astrology reckons celestial longitude from the fixed star positions and Zodiacal Sidereal astrology reckons horoscopes in celestial longitude. The 12-constellation system validity with fixed star Spica at 29 Virgo 6'5" epoch 1977 is shown by properly done Ingress horoscopes.
The horizon, equator, seasons and seasonal rotation affect only earth the Zodiac affects the entire Cosmic Sphere, ZODIACAL SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY. Sidereal means measured by a star, physical reality. Rather than being a philosophical matter of opinion this is plain old-fashioned Physical Astronomical Reality. Regardless of how one attempts to rationalize any misconception of this matter the Sun will still Rise in the East in the morning because the Earth is Rotating on its axis and Revolving about the Sun in its Fixed Zodiacal Sidereal Ecliptical Orbit.
About meaningful astrological research: example - Someone from antiquity said this or that, many years ago another said so and so and call that research. Swell pal, however is it actually true, what was their absolute proof ground of being? How did they do at the track? Or searching through a databank for rising planets in a case type such as Natal Horoscopes is only meaningful if one knows and accounts for what constitutes the ascendant what it means and how to measure it. Of the most common astrologer errors is incomplete work also the accuracy of the event data. This is compounded by the fact that few astrologers even know what complete work is. The horoscope is a scientific document and must be done accurately with correct documentation to prove the case. Many scenarios require identification and all manners of data; professional astrology requires complete accurate I.D. and coordinates. The more complete and accurate the data the more complete and accurate the reading.
The Case is that due to the Cyril Fagan, his chosen heir the Reverend Professor John Mazurek and his San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology, Count Gramalkin legacy lineage modus operandi of actually proving the truth and falsehood from the cumulative astrological research of mankind using money as the primary absolute proof ground of being, it is hardly news mystic gossip has it that Count Gramalkin is the scariest most feared astrological figure on the planet.
The San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique of Delineation is holding the synthesized astrological research of millions of people over the last ten thousand years from many civilizations with the truth and falsehood proven out of it using absolute proof ground of being rather than armchair theorizing such as read a book and call that research.
After reading all the books, actually proving which items of the synthesis of the collective research of astrological history are actually true and what is false using an absolute proof ground of being such as money, births, deaths, illness, marriages, divorce, accidents, inheritance, winning or loosing money, horse races, stock market. The San Francisco School motto “if it does doesn't work at the track it doesn't work in your daily life“ is well said indeed.
Practically every astrologer on the planet from Hindu to Hoodoo has been caught out, busted, exposed for dispensing massive amounts of astrological misinformation delineation cosmic jive that did not pay off under the scrutiny of cash money on the line astrological research.
The Gavin’s are all terrified. We have seen a bit of what is called the Gavin Arthur syndrome psychosis. Gavin was a regionally famous Seasonal Tropicalist Astrologer back in the sixties and seventies. When we met he admitted to me in private that he knew the Sidereal was the correct astrology and secretly used it but that he just could not go back and admit to everyone he had been wrong and giving out misinformation all these years.
One does encounter a bit of hearsay propaganda gossip on the part of a liar fraud or err and or jealous envious competitor colleagues who have no first hand knowledge of the case posing self-righteous indignation who often fear elimination of their authority others such as Mazurek revel in truth. Sometimes they are even scared to publish information different than what they are selling. It is the truth (that which changes not, e.g. cause and effect) regardless of origin SF School is about.
Most astrologers are theorists with zero provable ground of being application with which to sort the truth and fallacies out of the multitude of astrological commentary. One can still hear the Old Man now “self-taught self-styled half-baked authority read a book on Zen and think they are Buddha." Read some astrology material Harry said this Billy Bob wrote that call that research then start talking and writing.
Regardless of how accomplished one becomes with the teknoid scenario or how deeply one delves into antiquity it when it comes to work-a-day astrology its the comprehension of realistic divination technique applications which is the most meaningful. Such as a realistic grasp of the basics: The Art of Synthesis; The Art of Delineation; The Three Techniques of Delineation; The Intrinsic Values of the Planets; The Complete File Format Baseline; Fixed Stars and When They Count; The Operating Law and so forth.
This seem so obvious however one may talk to astrologers all day and be lucky to find one that can even define the art of delineation much less realize how it actually works. The Art of Delineation is the individual and collective intermingling of intrinsic values count score on the +&- use applicable adjectives. Collaborating with even prominent Siderealists it is shocking to read that they lack awareness that a major part of the art of delineation is to count score if you will of the +&- repeated patterns of the Intrinsic Values of the Planets and their areas or stations of application eTc eTc. Example 27 Jupiter's and 11 Venus’s things are going good, 19 Saturn’s 23 Mars’s with 10 Neptune’s things not going so good. Example Jupiter conjunct the ascendant equals a plus two, a benefic planet on a superior angle. Seven Saturn's with one Jupiter there is much less chance of getting the higher self-manifestation from Saturn. Seven Jupiter's one Saturn much better chance of getting the higher self-manifestation from Saturn.
Being able to calculate the right ascension of the Aries full moon in 3,036 B.C. old style lacks significance when the astrologer reading a twentieth century natal or cyclic horoscope fails to realize that for all practical purposes anything in the constellation on the ascendant of a natal or cyclic horoscope is angular or of high energy and intensity in the psychological makeup and prevailing psychological conditions therefore the events and results of the case at hand. As above so below as on the inner so on the outer the operating law of analogy the Hermes Law of correspondences.
The teknoids especially the ones that fail to grasp the big picture tend to try to drag all manor of mathematical what not into it. They become enthralled with the mathematics of it all, confuse being a mathematician with being an astrologer and seek an astrological application for all the astronomical mathematical points most of which have zero astrological delineation. Essentially Azimuth, Altitude, Right Ascension, Declination, Equator, Horizon, Apogee and Perigee, how close a planet is to earth and so forth have nothing to do with work-a-day astrological delineation. IT IS ZODIACAL SIDEREAL CELESTIAL LONGITUDE THAT COUNTS.
What happens is that when astrologers fail to use a complete file of horoscope charts for the event it results in mass wandering about psychic guessing. They wind up grasping at straws using the law of substitution trying to find symbology to explain the events that occur. Next thing you know they're talking you how it is straws like the right ascension of the heliacal rising of the left handed moon node was EXACTLY paran trine the mundo midpoint between their Mars and Venus - (see, SEE it's right there!!!). Ask them what the file looks like and it’s err, Uhh, DA. Things like demi-solars, quarter year solars and on and on are just not needed when using a complete file. When using a properly prepared complete horoscope file the repeated patterns that emerge throughout the file are just too obvious to miss. Incomplete creates inconsistent.
Unless ones RESEARCH is also DISPLAYED in the correctly produced FULL FILE FORMAT BASELINE there is no way to check what actually happened, to judge what is really going on in the case at hand and therefore verify the validity of the research and what realistic relationship the application of the data has. Again this file begins with ACCURATE event times and longitude and latitude coordinates.
Empirical research is setting up COMPLETE FILES for thousands of cases in an absolute proof ground of being such as money, births, deaths, accidents to test each of the theories. Sally Sue will say “oh I wasn’t depressed last Tuesday” Armchair theorizing is one thing however one can not kid ones self about the money, either you have the money or they have the money.
Example - Some astrologer wrote a piece assessing the 75 year career of some monkey (an actor) biased on a singular rising angular planet with a hundred year old turn of the century 10 AM birth time which tells us that one is clearly ready for the big therapy in the sky. An even hour birth time from any era much less one from the beginning of the twentieth century is most certainly a round off if not an out right guess. Therefore any speculation about angularity is just that. Delineate the horoscope chart as a whole in the baseline context of a complete file. One has a better chance of getting the higher self-manifestation from a rising planet in a well aspected horoscope than in a negatively aspected chart, all rising sign planets also sun and moon aspects affect appearance and so forth et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Contrary to popular belief one of average ability may learn to be a great astrologer very quickly rather than requiring years and decades or a lot of historical reference, astronomical or mathematical study.
The historical study of astrology entails sorting through some ninety percent or more misinformation to prove out the truth and falsehood in some absolute proof ground of being which has already been done at least once and is herewith given to you for free and elucidated on www.CountGramalkin.Com. In fact historical study of astrology may be more of a hindrance than a help as unlearning and relearning can be much more difficult to impossible than learning.
For example many if not most people infected with seasonal moving zodiac Tropical astrology who wise up to Sidereal astrology never get free of attempting to use the Tropical modus operandi in Sidereal astrology this does not work. E.g. the delineation of a tropical sign is different that the delineation of the Sidereal constellation of the same name or eternally prattling on about the house system of delineation eTc.
Again people, in the twenty and twenty first century one born in a subterranean dwelling with zero TV, radio, or pictures or never saw the sky, the planet surface, the sun, moon or a star who never even heard of astronomy, right ascension, declination, horizon, the equatorial system of measurement et cetera who can add and subtract with a pencil a set of books and the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique of Delineation could be a fabulous astrologer. The cardinal sin of mankind is mistaking the apparent for the real such as mistaking being a great astronomer, historian or mathematician with being a great astrologer. It is ok (even good) to know the astronomy side of it however unnecessary in doing astrology. The people who so famously managed to hit the comet half a kajillian miles from earth with the space probe all knew their astronomy however try getting one of them to correctly delineate ones horoscope.
Even I in a good workweek teach a gifted student enough astrology to make them one of the best few hundred astrologers who ever lived the essence of which is given away on www.CountGramalkin.Com. There is a lot more to it of course however it will just have to wait for the book.
It is very helpful to have a realistic understanding of the Intrinsic Value of the Planets (the meaning or definition / delineation of the planets) and where and when to apply them. The one word Intrinsic Value of the Planets and therefore the Signs delineation (more on gramalkin.com).
Sun/Leo = Spirit; Moon/Cancer = Soul; Mercury/Gemini/Virgo = Intellect; Venus/Taurus/Libra = Love; Mars/Aries = Sex; Jupiter/Sagittarius = Win; Saturn/Capricorn = Lose; Uranus/Aquarius = Intuition; Neptune/Pisces = Imagination; Pluto/Scorpio = Death.
"Zodiacal Western Sidereal Constellations or Signs" - Epoch 1950 - Aries = April 15th; Taurus = May 15th; Gemini = June 15th; Cancer = July 16th; Leo = Aug 17th; Virgo = Sept 17th; Libra = Oct 17th; Scorpio = Nov 16th; Sagittarius = Dec 16th; Capricorn = Jan 15th; Aquarius = Feb 14th; Pisces = March 15th. Actual dates may vary a bit due to the leap year thingy.
The best advice I have for you is to take my best advice. Read and heed every word of the material on www.CountGramalkin.Com (the entire contents only amount to a pamphlet). This will provide one an accurate rendition of the secret of the cosmos / the meaning of life / enlightenment, how to read / predict it and what to do about it. Adept at everything on CountGramalkin.Com one would be at will at one with God co-creators with God. Each article must be composed, as though it is the only Count Gramalkin article the reader will ever see. Therefore a certain amount of duplication of information occurs as a necessity of stating the case.
The zodiac ecliptic is the baseline of the three dimensional model of our cosmic sphere. Reckon horoscopes for the location of birth in Zodiacal Sidereal Celestial Longitude Ecliptic in the full file format baseline with the fixed star Spica at 29 Virgo 6’:5” Epoch 1977. Full BIRTH Name, Date, First Breath Time, Place (Longitude & Latitude), Race, Gender - Geographic, Campanus Table of Houses, Octoscope and East Point Angles, Arabic Lunar Mansions, Major Fixed Star Aspects and Constellation Breaks. Porphyry is the second best house system.
The complete file is The Natal; Secondary Progressed Planets and Primary Angles; Secondary Natal Quotidian (SNQ); Solar Return, Monthly Solar Return, Lunar Return and their daily Progressed Main Angles also the Event Chart inner-aspected with the Transits and major Fixed Stars to all. The natal horoscope plus two horoscopes a year, two horoscopes a month and four horoscopes a day plus the Event Horoscope (Transits which is done for the location of event) inner-aspected. Incidentally the complete file format makes it easier to read events rather than harder as the repeated patterns are too obvious to miss. The essence of the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique of Delineation is available free as a PDF eBook here. http://www.gramalkin.com/gramalkin_layout_chart.html*
The repeated simultaneous occurrence pattern of illuminated angularity (Sun Moon Jupiter Rising) being the most important factor. One copy of each horoscope chart by its self and one copy of each horoscope interaspected. Count Score on +&- intrinsic values to read Higher \ Lower Self, Yes \ No eTc. To delineate in any given sphere, use the Intrinsic Adjectives common to that sphere. E.g. Venus - Psychologically = Love & Peace. Mundanely = Food & Clothes. Medically = Kidney eTc. eTc.
In the production of the horoscope all charts should be drawn the same way in the classical style just like Mazurek taught us at school as illustrated in the Marilyn Monroe Sample Horoscope available on www.CountGramalkin.com. Horoscopes must be hand drawn as at the time of this writing there are no known correctly produced computerized horoscopes.
In drawing the horoscope do all math twice and write EVERYTHING left to right HORIZONTALLY. Date Time and Standard Time of event in the center. Name, Race, Gender and Place upper left. Coordinates; SVP; Delta T and GMT to RAMC in the upper right hand corner. Horoscope Identification in the upper middle Such as: Zodiacal Sidereal Longitude Natal; Geographic; Campanus; Octoscope; Arabic Lunar Mansions (and unless you physically see a birth certificate eTc. the word SPECULATIVE). Whatever decoding is necessary - Major aspects and angular planets and stars et cetera at the bottom. Draw in all the angles, the 4 Main, the 4 Octoscope Midpoint and East Point angles. Midheaven = tenth house cusp, ascendant = first house cusp. Draw angular planet glyphs on the angle, lacking space draw a line from the planet glyph across the angle. Dash Lines - - - = A Constellation Change. Draw one copy of the horoscope taken by its self, another copy for inner-aspect composite. Draw all composite charts the same way regardless of which type of chart it is. Natal in the center in black then Progressed in red then Solar Return in green then Monthly Solar Return and Lunar Return in available colors finally transits in pencil.
This format for drawing charts is recommended because of being able to actually read the charts. When dealing with sixty planets and forty-four fixed stars on the ten charts that make up the complete file baseline having numbers written going every which way and or zero consistency, data scattered about, the Midheaven here or there and one this color the next another makes it difficult to impossible to physically read and comprehend the file. E.g. whoever drew the file all secondary progressed in red shazam one immediately knows what one is dealing with.
In real life work-a-day astrology not all hand drawn charts get full label. A progressed lunar return in a complete file for example may just have - Progressed Lunar a name, date, coordinates, RAMC etc. On composite horoscopes one may use just the planet and signs to the degree, insert minutes for the angles and whatever else is necessary, zero fixed stars and such just refer back to the original copy of the chart done by itself as necessary. A second nature realization of the Intrinsic Values of the Planets (the meaning) is the most important thing in delineation.
The Art of SYNTHESIS; To Synthesize a horoscope chart first look at the Sun taken by it’s self, then Moon (Sign, Watch, House, Lunar Mansion), the Ascendant then Midheaven (4 =Quarters). Then Angles (which Solar Cross/Split Cross/Arabic Lunar Mansion etc.), the most angular planet and its situation, the next most angular situation. There are usually two or three basic "the next most Angular situations."
Always consider all charts with all the Techniques of Delineation then apply the appropriate one for the type of problem being solved.
IIA. The Natal Technique of Delineation is used in reading Natal and Cyclic charts for the “Psychological Makeup / Psychological Conditions” one is dealing with, therefore the events - as above so below (With some cyclic exception rules).
Aspects are via Sign and House (Campanus). The angle orbs are: East Point is always zero degree orb 60‘.
The Constellation on the Ascendant and the first house is the Ascendant Angle.
Minus ten degrees from the Midheaven and the Tenth House is the Midheaven Angle.
The Descendent and Nadir minus five degrees and the Angular or Foreground house constitute the Angle.
The Zodiacal Octoscope Watch Midpoint Angles are at the center of the 8 Watches and have a five-degree orb of Angularity. The Watch Midpoint Angles are the Zodiacal Midpoints between the four Main Angles. The Watch Cusps are the midpoints between the main angles and the midpoint angles. The Octotopus is the Octoscope without the watch cusps. Watches run clockwise from Ascendant 1=Self/Body-Will Power-Akin to 2nd moon colors mind; 2=Livelihood-$ Work For; 3=Status/Position in world-Career-Mother-Sisters-Brothers-Travel; 4=Home-$ Get; 5=Others; 6=Health Problems; 7=Spouse-Father-May affect home; 8=Death.
Technically the Angles have a five-degree Angle Orb and planets within that five degrees are more intense. However for all practical purposes for Psychological Conditions and Makeup / Character the Constellation on the Ascendant is Angular eTc.
Interpersonal relationships: inner-aspects you get your own; planets give to angles; Sun always gives. Natal and cyclic interaspects are by sign. He has Natal Aries Sun, She has Natal Aries Moon = His Sun/Spirit is conjunct Her Moon/Soul (the basic yin yang couple polarity) the closer the stronger. In business X has Jupiter in Gemini; Y has Saturn in Gemini = X wins. Progressed use close aspects.
IIB. The Predictive Technique: The Natal; Secondary Progressed Planets and Primary Angles; Secondary Natal Quotidian (SNQ); Solar Return, Monthly Solar Return and Lunar Return and their daily Progressed Main Angles; also the Event Chart inner-aspected with the Transits and major Fixed Star aspects to all. Reading the Natal, Cyclic Charts, and Event Chart with a five-degree angle orb and the Progressed Charts at a zero degree angle orb. Illuminated angularity being the most important factor (e.g. Sun Moon Jupiter Rising on many charts etc).
IIC. The Progressed Technique: For Timing of Events read all charts with the Progressed Technique, which is a zero degree Angle and Aspect orb. Normal rules apply, applying aspects are stronger than separating etc. Progressed Charts are basically daily charts, however they may be read as Event Charts with a Natal Technique for a several day span. The Annual Secondary Progressed a several year span.
Manifesting: When there is an orange tail sticking around the corner and one grabs the tail rather than having a tail one actually has the entire Tiger. So it is with the “Intrinsic Values of the Planets." When one identifies having hold of any part of an Intrinsic Value one actually has the entire planet (or Sign) by the tail. When one is happy one has Jupiter by the tail and therefore all of the Jupiter qualities good and bad. The idea is to consciously project the “higher self” or positive qualities of the Intrinsic Value of case rather than “lower self-essence dominated reacting” with the lower self-qualities. Read the Intrinsic Value of the planet in your notes and send out the + side. Also read the “Satsang”, “Self Realization” and “Daimoku” articles on CountGramalkin.Com and it will help you cope with all that reality nonsense.
www.countgramalkin.com announces new edition eBooks give-away improved basic astrology horoscopes and tarot techniques with the Cyril Fagan / John Mazurek / Count Gramalkin San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique of Delineation. Learn Foretelling the Future tell ones own fortune now given away with zero spyware/spam/virus on www.countgramalkin.com - Note the SFSSATD, The Count Gramalkin Sidereal Horoscopes Chronicle Current Edition, Fortuneteller Manual, Tarot Manual, and Jesus Nativity by Reverend John Mazurek among other new edition PDF eBook links. Click on the Book Information and Stars=Cards tabs the cumulative research of millions of people from many civilizations over the last 10,000 years.
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Out of the "San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology" directed by "Fagan's Chosen Heir" the Reverend Professor John Mazurek (1919-2003) where Gramalkin was privileged to study, and carry Fagan's and Mazurek's techniques in trust to provide them to the public at large. Accurate and reliable Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrological Horoscope Charts with readings, tarot readings, lectures, tutoring and publication.
What many are not aware of is that the very foundation of astrology most often associated with Western Civilization is in fact incorrect and misleading. The fundamental problem stems from Classical Greek and Moorish Astrologers who translated the Zodiac they inherited from the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians incorrectly. Nothing has been right since. At www.gramalkin.com you can find the true facts of this and the thoughts of Count Gramalkin himself; a true Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrologer.
View Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrology Horoscopes online at http://www.countgramalkin.com; from an acclaimed expert in the Sidereal Zodiac today.
To receive The Count Gramalkin “Sidereal Horoscopes” Chronicle send an email to Sidereal@Gramalkin.Com with “Chronicle Please” in the subject field.
So far invariably once one views the correctly done complete file baseline with the three delineation techniques (Natal, Predictive, Progressed) to see what actually happened the answer becomes very obvious and major events are so predominant they can not be missed - every time.
SHOW ME THE FILE, better yet show it to your self. Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.
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Count Gramalkin
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