Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Vote For the Nut!

In the category of campaign ads that might need to be rethought:

It reminds me of when Sarah Palin hauled Trip on the the Philly Flyers ice as a political shield to avoid to the booing. Too bad it did not work. Ironical that she later bashed people for dragging her kids into her campaign.

Wilson dragging his family into this flap looks just as ill-advised.
Especially when his family has the good sense to know that what he did was crazy.
That was about the lamest, pathetickest, attempt at damage control I've seen in a long time. "It's nice that the President accepted his apology". "He doesn't deserve the treatment he's getting" -- whining as a recommendation? WTF? But his wife loves him, so I guess the loony right will still vote for him (at least we don't have to feel as sorry for her as we do for the political wives who did the "stand by my man" schtick after their hubbies were caught for adultery).
"My husband acted like a nut because he cares about issues, so you should forgive him and send him back to Congress where he will be asked to decide on lots more issues he cares about. What we need is more nuts in Congress and less deliberation!"
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