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Striving to Be the Worst

This may be the stupidest example of brain-damaged ramblings to ever be posted to the internet. I know that is an extremely high ... or low, depending on how you look at it ... bar to meet but Steve Kellmeyer has made a mighty try at exceeding it. It's no surprise that his efforts are sponsored by Alan Keyes' RenewAmerica website, giving him an enormous running start.

His premise is that "leftist liberals" (which later morphs into "atheist liberals" without explanation) love Islam.

His "evidence" for this is hard to discern but apparently has to do with some unspecified "protection" of Major Nidal Hakim Hasan (perhaps by not being as willing as some to take the Major out and summarily lynch him?) and this:

Why allow the name of Allah and the practice of Ramadan into public schools while forbidding the name of Jesus and the practice of Christmas?
Last I looked, "leftists liberals" were for treating Islam and Christianity the same under the First Amendment: children should be taught about both, since they have been and are major social forces in our world; children can speak the name of Jesus and Allah in the appropriate circumstances (i.e. when not disrupting class work); and reasonable accommodation has to be made for their practice of their religion. The one thing that government schools can't do is force the children to practice someone else's religion, say, by organizing a Christmas pageant in a public school, replete with readings from the New Testament.

But then he gets truly weird:

[F]rom an atheist's point of view, Allah has a marvelous attribute: Allah can change his mind. Allah turns good into evil and evil into good by simply commanding it. And for the liberal atheist, this is very comforting. Sure, Allah doesn't like homosexuality or rape today, but He might change His mind tomorrow. My self-destructive behaviour today may turn out to be a wonderful moral good tomorrow. ...

With Judeo-Christianity, no such possibility exists. God will never change His mind because God does not change. But with Islam all bets are off. Allah may decide tomorrow that rape is perfectly fine, that homosexuality is the preferred form of sexual expression. All we liberal atheists need to do is convince the imams that this is so. And how tough can that be?
Huh? I'm reasonably certain that I can find many more Christian and Jewish clergy accepting of gays and gay rights than I can imams. But something tells me that Kellmeyer would just say that they aren't real "Judeo-Christians."

And when crazy rears its ugly head can downright offensiveness be far behind?:

He [Hasan] did to the soldiers at Fort Hood what every good atheist liberal has always wanted to do to those Christian, God-fearing, courageous American soldiers — he shot them through the head. He shot them through the heart. He drove a stake into them, chased them down while they were wounded and pumped more bullets into them. He shot them and shot them and shot them until their blood flowed like water, until their blood clotted on the floor, and then he shot them again. He destroyed them, he vented his rage upon them, he annihilated them for daring to question the annihilation that is coming to us all. He ground them to dust, the dust of the universe.
Ummm ... I suppose Kellmeyer is so divorced from reality that he doesn't even make the connection that the very fact that Major Hassan is a Moslem demonstrates that not all American soldiers are Christians. But to attribute murderous intent generally to "leftist" or "atheist" liberals is bizarre. It no doubt comes from Kellmeyer's involvement in anti-abortion activism, where he maintains his lack of objectivity:

[L]ook at the leftist embrace of abortionists, men and women who wear body armor to their place of work. Even though you are much more likely to end up dead from being pro-life than you are from being pro-abort, the left constantly touts the dangers of being in favor of abortion.
I'm not quite sure if wearing body armor is supposed to be a sign of their perfidy but I can only wonder if he considered the case of Dr. George Tiller, shot down by a Christian inside a Christian church ... one of many examples of why pro-choice providers might consider body armor. How many anti-abortionists have been shot down by pro-choice activists?

I can't reproduce the full batshit insanity of Kellmeyer's piece without reproducing the entire disjointed mess ... further depressing myself. If you need something to cause yourself to despair for your country, you'll have to go and read the original.


Update: James McGrath, who actually knows something about the Bible, gives some examples, contrary to Kellmeyer's assertions, where the "Judeo-Christian" God changes his mind.

If only this person read the Bible, they would know that God is there presented as changing his mind.
But that would require that he actually know something of the subject he is ranting about. I'm pretty sure that disqualifies anyone from writing for RenewAmerica.
"Even though you are much more likely to end up dead from being pro-life than you are from being pro-abort..."

I'd say the probability of death in each case is 1.
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