Monday, December 21, 2009


Getting It From All Sides

The children of Seattle are not only in the backyard of the Discoveryless Institute, which seeks to keep them ignorant of science, but now they are being targeted by a group that attempts to convert very young children to their brand of Christianity:

Child Evangelism Fellowship plans to focus its Good News Clubs in King County, starting with Loyal Heights and Whittier elementary schools in Seattle, the Seattle Times reported. The group's mission is to covert children to Christianity, according to its Web site.

Group officials estimate they reach about 5 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 12 but by next year, they hope to reach 10 percent with the clubs.

The group uses court decisions that hold that, if a school opens it premises to after-school activities, it must allow all such on a nondiscriminatory basis. However, I pointed out an article last May in the Santa Barbara Independent on the group's tactics, seeking both to blur the line between the official school day and their "club" and to target very young children for proselytizing, including:

~ To target children not old enough to read;
~ To insist on use of the school facility as soon after the end of the school day (including some rather dishonest tricks) to blur the line between official instruction and their proselytizing; and
~ To lure the children with "parties" and balloons and the like.

Get 'em young, they say.


Remember kids--watch out for those clowns!
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