Friday, January 29, 2010


ID Ain't Got No Religion

John Lynch at a simple prop has another amusing example of the two faces of ID:

Expelled is now available in the UK., so sayeth the Discovery Institute. And the link on ENV goes to …. a site called But ID has nothing to do with religion. Repeat after me …
So I thought I'd gather together more or less the first ten examples of similar gaffes I came across in a search of my blog:

But ID Has Nothing to Do With Religion

Dr. Egnor Outs ID

Luskin's Pick of the Nits

Checking the Designer's ID

Monkey See

What Does the NAS Know About Science?

The Empty Cat Bag

Careful What You Wish For

Flapping In the Wind

Publishing After Perishing

And some people wonder why we call ID apologists dishonest.


Heh. You'd have to be an IDiot to think ID ain't religion.
You have to be an IDiot to say it ain't religion ... with anything approaching a straight face.
Lying for Jesus is a big industry and a bad habit. That's a tough combination to overcome.
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