Wednesday, March 03, 2010


And the Nominees Are ...

The National Center for Science Education has announced the UpChucky Awards. This will, no doubt, bring much kvetching from the Discoveryless Institute about how "disrespectful" "Darwinists" are to "design theorists" and those who promote their work but, as you'll soon see, the only ones who should be ashamed about these awards are those nominated for them ... in this case:

Don McLeroy for his work in "Standing up to Experts" ...

Ray Comfort for his role in "Scaring Atheists with Bananas" ...

Casey Luskin for work too voluminous to list but out of which "The Trouble With Textbooks" is representative ...

Lastly, there was a special group nomination for Al Jazeera for "Ardi Refutes Darwin's Theory".

And the winner is ... Don McLeroy!

Steve Mirsky, in presenting the award, summed it up best:

"The amazing thing about Don is that he's a dentist who spends all his time--when he's not destroying academic standards in Texas--working with some of the primary evidence of human evolution. Teeth! Whole fossil lineages can be defined by their teeth! Don doesn't get that. He's clearly a worthy winner of the first annual UpChucky award."

So deserving is Mr. McLeroy that the people of Texas decided to give him a a well-deserved rest from his strenuous work on the State Board of Education.

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