Friday, March 18, 2011


Making a Splash!

Ed Brayton, in a post at Dispatches From the Culture Wars entitled "Answers In Genesis Blows the Answer" (ignore the two unnecessary words), notes AiG's take on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan:

In the face of such destruction, suffering, and death, many people question how a good and loving God could allow such evil to happen. However, this is just another painful reminder of how the curse of sin has affected our world.

Ed replies:

No it isn't. it's a painful reminder that when tectonic plates rub up against one another, sometimes bad shit happens. Sin doesn't have a damn thing to do with it.

No, no, Ed! Don't you understand? There wouldn't be tectonic plates to rub up against each other if Adam and Eve hadn't ate that apple!*

The whole disaster was caused by humans!


* If you think I'm kidding, click on the "tSINami—lost without Genesis?" link at AiG.

Thanks, now I have a perfectly clear image of Satan at a drawing board, designing plate tectonics.
... while God is busy designing fjords for Africa
If AiG is right, we must have done something pretty awful to afflicted with the Curse of Ham.
Bad science, even worse theology.
The answer is actually in 1 Kings 19:11.

God is NOT in the earthquake.

So there, AiG. Neener, neener.

-- prooftexting pew sitter
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