Saturday, August 10, 2013


Uh, Oh!

I got a DMCA notice from Blogger.

I had stolen appropriated ... um ... borrowed a graphic of "Grifters and Shills" to illustrate a couple of posts about the Discovery [sic] Institute.

It turns out it belonged to a duo that calls its oeuvre "roots music." I should have made sure no innocent bystanders were involved.

To Rebecca and John, my sincere apologies.

I should have known that no respectable grifter or shill would want to be associated with the people at the DI!

To be honest, I'm rather distracted this weekend by the atheist drama going on right now, including the accusation against Michael Shermer brought up by PZ.
Yeah, and what Dawkins said about Muslims on Twitter. Oh well, we small fry have to try to get along.
It is rather nice not to be involved in all that. Every long once in a while I google "atheist drama" and while away an afternoon. It is rather cynical and mean-spirited to be entertained, but...
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