Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Oh, Please! Oh, Please! Oh, Please!

Alan Keyes is "threatening" to form a far right religious party:
From Obamacare to immigration, from enslaving Obamacare mandates to feckless foreign policy debacles, the GOP leaders have been either complicit, supine, or AWOL. They have also shamelessly declared political war on GOP U.S. senators and representatives who have honestly tried to represent the intense opposition to socialist tyranny simmering hot amongst the voters. ...

[T]oo many people remain tragically blind to, or apathetic about, the truth that is the key to thwarting Obama's anti-American putsch. Tyrannical socialism would have no chance of overthrowing the citadel of America's liberty except for the consistent and increasingly bold cooperation of the forces that dominate what is supposed to be the Republican opposition.

In the 19th century, Abraham Lincoln and many others prominent in the rise of the original Republican Party started their political careers as members of the Whig Party. When the Whigs refused to confront the challenge of expanding slavery, or promote the policies needed to exploit the nation's opportunities for economic development, these political leaders left the Whig Party. They accepted the task of representing the voters the Whigs refused to heed.

In our day, where are the political leaders with enough foresight, integrity, and courage to accept the task of effectively representing the voters the GOP's elitist faction leaders are betraying? People like Mitch McConnell and John McCain clearly regard these voters with disdain. They portray authentically American conservative voters as cretins, who deserve to have no choice in politics that truly represents their faith in God and their allegiance to their country's God-acknowledging principles.
As one of the chief cretins, Alan, I sincerely hope you lead some significant percentage (about 3-4 % would be good) off into a quixotic third party. The big donors won't follow, of course. They'll continue to fund the establishment Republicans, who will be glad to be rid of the crazies, while hedging their bets with the Democrats, who are almost as business-friendly as the Republicans. The Tea Party politicians will be jettisoned or co-opted and Congress will get back to the business of amicable compromise through swapping ways to enrich themselves and their donors at the expense of all the rest of us.

Not much will really change but the babble and crazy will subside back to the good ol' days when everyone ignored the John Birch Society.

Via Right Wing Watch

I'd be tempted to vote for them.

Of course, the irony is that if Keyes and his ilk were around in antebellum America they'd be bitterly opposed to the North's campaign against slavery as both an unconstitutional intrusion on states rights to do whatever they chose and unwonted government interference in the exercise of capitalist free-market economics.
if Keyes and his ilk were around in antebellum America they'd be bitterly opposed to the North's campaign against slavery

If he wasn't a slave himself, you mean.
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