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Can the wingnut right get any more ridiculous?

Not for a lack of trying!

Via Ed Brayton comes the story of Jim Garrow "predicting" that President Obama will soon try to distract Americans from his supposed scandals … by claiming that he is now in touch with alien life.

But, even worse, Obama will invite Canada to invade the US (along with Russian, Chinese and UN "Blue Beret" troops), which can fight any "insurrection" because Canadian soldiers don't swear allegiance to the US Constitution (Why were we never told this?).

Of course, a Canadian invasion of the US could take a long time as the Canadian Army waits, politely at our checkpoints for permission to enter. The upside is that we will be politely asked to line up to be shot!

The next question is, under Obamacare, will someone see to having these peoples' medication adjusted?

"Can the wingnut right get any more ridiculous?"

In a word -- Yes. They probably will get more ridiculous.
I know. It's just depressing!
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The notion of a Canadian invasion seems to have been ripped off from the satirical 1995 movie, "Canadian Bacon", which, as a further irony, was written and directed by that notorious lefty, Michael Moore.
Unfortunately, Mr Garrow has not appreciated the full scale and real purpose of the conspiracy.

The birthers are actually right and President Obama was born in Kenya, is still secretly a willing subject of Her Majesty and retains his allegiance to the Crown. What he and his co-conspirators are purposing is no less that the War of 1812 2.0.

The failure of the website was deliberately engineered so as to lead to the collapse of Obamacare. This will trigger hordes of desperate, unhealthy Americans to try and force their way across the border to find treatment under the Canadian system.

These incursions will provide the excuse for Canada to launch an invasion of the United States. The entire British Army, which can now be fitted comfortably into a modern cruise liner, will be shipped across the Atlantic to join their Commonwealth comrades in reclaiming the colonies for the Crown. Any additional gunfire will not be noticed by Americans as they are too busy shooting each other.

This, in turn, will lead to the inauguration of a New British Empire with the immensely popular King William and Queen Kate as joint Heads of State and endless seasons of Dr Who and Downton Abbey on all channels.

And what's the betting that there are people out there who will believe the foregoing is entirely true?
And what's the betting that there are people out there who will believe the foregoing is entirely true?

All you need is a Patrick Swayze look-alike yelling Woooolverines at the top of his voice.
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