Sunday, June 29, 2014


Taking a Vacation from Sense

As Right Wing Watch reports, Ken Ham is promoting creationist tours of the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
No matter where you go when visiting America's national parks, city zoos, and other attractions, the religion of evolution and millions of years permeates the culture. To help combat these lies and proclaim the authority of God's Word, every year Answers in Genesis partners with Canyon Ministries to hold creation raft trips through the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. ...

Last year, Canyon Ministries began providing land-based rim tours of the Grand Canyon along its South Rim, operating under the name A Different View Tours. Now, rather than go to the rim and hear the anti-God, evolutionary explanation of the Canyon's formation, I encourage you to consider a tour with Canyon Ministries. It will provide you with a Bible-based presentation of the geology of the Canyon and how it confirms the Bible's account of a global Flood and belief in a young earth.
I frankly cannot understand how anyone can look at the above and think it came into existence in less than a year only 4,500 years ago.

But now, you can become stupider in air conditioned comfort in full or half day bus tours.

And I cannot understand how someone can see apes and not recognize their physical relationship with us.

We could play the of game of all the obvious things creations fail to see for a very long time.
I'm afraid Ham and his ilk are cozy in their little Jack Chick version of reality and won't hear word said against it.
Have seen the GC many times. Not defending them, but consider that the lens thru which you see realty might be of your own making. Not without free will, of course :)
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