Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Howlerfest Participants:

Against my better judgment, I'll blog again to answer the clamor (one request) to identify the people in the photos.

By the way, anyone stumbling on this who wants to know something of what it is all about I suggest you go to Wilkins' blog "Evolving Thoughts" and check out the entries for July 19th, 25th and 26th.

That's Paul Gans in the light shirt, Chris Thompson in the plaid shirt, Chis' daughter Jade and leaning up against the statue base is Walter Bushell.

In addition to the above people, leaning up against the statue base is "R. Dunno" and in the white shirt, white shorts and blue hat is John Vreland

In the red shirt is Susan Silberstein and next to her in the dark shirt over the black t-shirt is David Utidjian.

Top row, left to right: Andrew Arensburger, Paul Gans, Susan Silberstein, "R. Dunno".

Bottom row: Walter Bushell, John Wilkins, Matt Silbestein and Matt's wife, Cathy.

Oh yeah, I think there is a photo of me around here someplace . . .

hey.. nice cat ;)
¿Qué Función principal le vamos a dar al taladro?
¿Qué tipo de material utilizaremos?
¿Cuál es la intensidad de trabajo con el equipo?
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