Thursday, September 29, 2005


The Past as Prelude

There is an interesting article from the York Daily Record about a witness for the plaintiffs in the Dover Intelligent Design Creationism trial. His name is Bryan Rehm and he was once a Science teacher in the Dover Area School District. He resigned his job in June 2004 and got a job in another school district because of his concerns about what he was being told by various school board members.

Rehm was, for example, told by a board member that he wanted biology classes to start teaching creationism. According to this member, he didn't want the students going home and telling their parents about learning about evolution because then their parents would have to tell them that their "teachers are lying to them." At a board meeting, another members criticized biology textbooks for being "laced with Darwinism". Rehm heard talk about "liberals in black robes taking our freedoms away" and how the separation of church and state is "a myth". And perhaps most importantly, he heard yet another member say that the school board would just have to fire teachers if they disagree with the board.

Welcome to 21st century science education in the U.S. if the ID movement has its way. But don’t worry. The 21st century will just seem like an illusion when they get done.


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