Saturday, December 17, 2005


Everything Old Becomes New Again

Just to show that there really isn’t anything new under ID’s sun [1], there is the following:

If at the sight of a statue or painted picture you know that art has been employed, and from the distant view of the course of a ship feel sure that it is made to move by art and intelligence, and if you understand on looking at a [clock] . . . that the hours are indicated by art and not by chance, with what possible consistency can you suppose that the universe which contains these same products of art, and their constructors, and all things, is destitute of forethought and intelligence?
Some 1900 years before William Paley famously made the watch maker argument, Cicero, in his De Natura Deorum, Book 2, Chapter 34, Section 87-88, claimed the same reason for deducing design.

So the next time you hear an IDeologist deride evolutionary theory as "19th century science", just remember they are pushing pre-Christian metaphysics.
[1] Thanks to poster "TomS" for pointing this out.

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