Sunday, February 19, 2006


Vigilance Is Its Own Reward


There was a recent newspaper story about some Toledo, Ohio teachers who were including creationism in science classes. Shortly after the article appeared, the Ohio ACLU wrote a letter to the Toledo Public Schools demanding that it cease any teaching of creationism or Intelligent Design at once.

The school district is not resisting:

"We intend to inform our teachers that they need to stick with the state standards," said John Foley, the district's chief of staff.

"We have sanctioned the state standards, which includes evolution as the scientifically proven theory" of how life developed, Mr. Foley said.


Darlene Fisher, president of the Toledo Board of Education, said the district will send a reminder to those in charge of curriculum that all must adhere to the state standards.

"We've always followed state guidelines," Ms. Fisher said. Teachers who took up creationism arguments in the classroom were acting without school sanction.

But she said that a second notice probably will be circulated to cover the state Board of Education's decision yesterday to drop all mention of alternative theories to evolution from state science standards.

"Once we get the ruling of the new state change, we will send another letter to our teachers and curriculum chairs,'' she said.


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