Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Vertebrates Exist

The South Carolina Board of Education has voted not to add the phrase "critically analyze" to its evolution guidelines as recommended by the state's Education Oversight Committee. Educators feared that the addition would introduce religious themes to discussion of evolution and compromise standards regarded as among the nation's strongest.

Rep. Bob Walker, a Spartanburg Republican and a member of the Education Oversight Committee urged adoption of the additional language so students can talk about the "holes" in theories on evolution and natural selection. Rep. Walker presented a letter, signed by 67 members of the House, which included a statement that the legislature may intervene if the board rejects the recommendation.

It is good that the Board of Education did not cave to the legislature’s threats. Make them go on record as rejecting the Board’s decision. When push comes to shove they will doubtless debate the issue much as the legislature in Utah did, making it abundantly clear that the real motivation is religious, not scientific or educational.
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