Thursday, April 13, 2006


The Disciples of Dissembling

There is a depressing article in Agape Press today:

A public school superintendent in South Dakota says he wants to dispel the notion that all public schools are harmful to children. Christian administrator Dr. Gary Harms contends that many public schools do not fit the description of some liberal education institutions on the east and west coasts and in some urban areas.

Harms, a school superintendent in Aberdeen, South Dakota, believes a strong Christian influence remains in many school districts in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Kansas, and down through the Bible Belt. ...

"We're limited, of course, by law in what we can and cannot do within our buildings," the Aberdeen superintendent says, "but it doesn't mean that we are as liberal and as disallowing as some of the schools in California and Massachusetts." ...

[A]lthough intelligent design and other alternatives to the theory of evolution are not officially a part of the district's science curriculum, he says Aberdeen teachers are not discouraged from discussing intelligent design theory or creationism with their students.

Piously passing up the obvious comments about the administrator's name, this stealth creationism is, of course, the Discovery Institute's fall back from the fall back position. Having acknowledged, even if only tacitly, the unconstitutionality of trying to teach Intelligent Design as science and even bailing out on schemes to require only that teachers tell students that there is a book in the library about ID, the DI is down to attempting to have individual teachers sneak it into classrooms piecemeal, especially in areas where most of the parents are for the idea and the rest can be intimidated or ignored. After all, you can almost hear them say, can the ACLU post a lawyer in every classroom?

Such is the stuff these latter-day apostles are made of.

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