Friday, April 07, 2006


A Hot Wind Blowing

Sometimes when [Kansas Commissioner of Education] Bob Corkins speaks to a group of people, his first order of business is to try to persuade them he doesn’t want to wreck the public school system.

Seems like an odd task for the top public school official in Kansas.

Then again, maybe not when you consider:

Before his appointment, [Corkins] operated single-man think tanks that criticized public schools and worked against increased funding for schools in legal fights that have reached the Kansas Supreme Court. Before that, he had been a lobbyist for what is now the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

Notice the lack of any actual training in education? You aren’t the only one.

Even Education Board Chairman Steve Abrams, one of the leading proponents of hiring Corkins, said:

The biggest challenge he has had is from the schools and convincing them that he isn’t trying to destroy public education.

I know that would be the first qualification I would look for in a Commissioner of Education.
Unfortunately Toto, I think we are still in Kansas.
Via Red State Rabble.
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