Sunday, April 23, 2006


Mo' Pomo

A poster known as "Alexander" over at, who is no apologist for ID or anti-scientism of any sort, has objected to the connection being made between the Intelligent Design Movement and postmodernism that I reported on in my prior post, "Greasing Up the Truth."
While I can't say he has convinced me yet that there is no connection, his point that postmodernism may be unfairly conflated with epistemological relativism should at least be seriously considered. You can read the exchange in this thread. Oh, and I see John Wilkins just stopped in to spread a little reason and sense about . . . the bastard!
Personally, I think the closer ID gets to postmodernism the better. Once the Discovery Institute starts reading like Derrida, they're lost. What's much more worrying is the prospect of Wilkins being seduced by The Dark Side.
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